About Us

We build transformative Financial Markets solutions focused on operational excellence, compliance, corporate governance and risk controls that are delivered by innovative technology.

In today’s Markets we have Investors, Advisors and Regulators that are demanding trust and transparency. Funds which are flourishing are demonstrating robust operations, strict corporate governance and transparency of all risk controls.

Increasingly funds are subject to regular audits, exams and global codes of conduct to protect Investors and satisfy regulatory oversight. Policy makers are implementing more regulations often creating substantial overhead to an established fund or a steep barrier to entry for start-up funds.

In most funds there is minimal automation in their operational framework and key indicators are very manual and paper based. This results in a disjointed management of people, processes and technology, creating issues with retention of high calibre staff and increased labour costs as the fund grows.

SAW Software was founded over 10 years ago when a collaboration of minds met on Sydney Harbour to discuss a partnership to focus on technology solutions providing key indicators for operational excellence, process automation and escalation. We are an innovative and disruptive Fintech business combining deep financial markets expertise, coupled with best practice sustainable software development.

The SAW Software team have deep Financial Services domain expertise. Our team have extensive experience working in global COO roles for both Investment Banks and Hedge Funds. Our team of engineers, designers and programmers are world class and ensure our products are always at the lead-edge of technology. Our financial and technical expertise combine perfectly to provide you a platform that will digitally transform your fund’s Operations enabling both start-up and mature funds to operate at an elite level.

We look forward to continuing to focus, optimise and invest in the industry, enhancing the financial wellbeing for investors and fund managers on a global basis.

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