A simple monthly per user subscription.
Pay only for what you use.

The industry is full of software providers demanding high upfront project fees, often with long contract terms and excessive annual licenses. This results in a steep penalty and is a barrier to entry for a start-up or smaller capitalised Funds.

At SAW Software we are taking a completely unique approach. Our agility and independence ensures that we can make software that is elegant, simple and stress-free. And our pricing reflects this principle – it is fair and honest.

Contact us today for a quote based on the size of your fund. We guarantee we will be more cost effective and more reliable than any other vendor on the market.

When you are with SAW, you also have the support of our our Product Support team. They are smart and accessible and are empowered to assist your Fund on an ongoing basis. This allows you to focus on your core business of managing operations and maximising returns for your Investors, not worrying about dealing with software or technology.

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