Transform your fund’s operations with SAW.


With SAW you can manage, track and report on critical tasks, processes and policies in a single place, accessible across any device, any time, any where.

Tasks can be assigned to individuals or teams and are linked to industry best-practice procedures and checklists, which SAW have collated from our years of experience managing hedge fund operations.

An intelligent alert management system ensures task owners and management are alerted in real-time when actions must be taken or when tasks become outstanding, ensuring you never miss time critical events.

Built on a robust Cloud architecture you do not need to worry about installing software or managing hardware – we take care of that and ensure the highest level of security is in place at all times.

With SAW, we will transform your fund operations through:

  • Improved audit and regulatory compliance.
  • Enhanced visibility of day-to-day operations.
  • Access to a library of industry best practice tasks and checklists
  • Reduction in business risk through improved operational controls
  • Ensuring business critical tasks are appropriately escalated.
  • Cloud powered – securely access anywhere on any device, anytime.


Built using HTML 5 and CSS3 so the application works across all devices including tablet, desktop and mobile.


Built upon an enterprise framework ensuring scalability, security and performance.

Utilises the latest database technology enabling high performance and data security.


All data is protected in transmission through SSL certificates with modern-cipher encryption (TLS 1.2/SHA256). Everything is encrypted from browser to the database via 256 bit encryption inflight and at rest. All passwords and sensitive data are encrypted and complete data backups are made daily.


Vision is hosted on dedicated servers distributed globally to best serve the region of your organisation. A highly available architecture provides consistent uptime and performance enabled through the use of load balancers and failover clusters.

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